Episode 33 is timely for two reasons. One is that the episode is about servant leadership, an important topic considering the current amount of uncertainty in our world. And the other reason is that the episode airs shortly after Veterans Day. Our guest Tom Crea, joins us and nerds out with us about his years of service and the lessons he learned about serving others.


A key concept from this episode is that serving others through love and purpose leads to superb outcomes. On Tom's website he shares...

“Companies that did business from a foundation of love and purpose and practiced servant leadership produced a 1026% return to shareholders over a 10-year period, 8 times more than ‘Good to Great’ companies.” (Coetzer, 2019)


Tom Crea is a leadership expert, decorated career Army Officer, and Blackhawk Helicopter pilot.  Because of his proven skills, he was hand selected to run the Army’s leadership development program at two Boston colleges, where he and his team transformed college students into combat leaders. (Discover how — 3-step process)


Today, he is a Servant Leadership ambassador: An author, keynote speaker, and leadership development coach. He is also a  radio show host.

Tom has a B.S. & M.C.S. in Computer Science and a M.A. in Political Science and loves coaching basketball and spending time with his wife and two boys.

Tom’s proudest leadership moment came when his unit was called to war in Iraq after he had rotated out. His replacement was not able to perform, so members he developed stepped up to lead; they attribute their success to the leadership Tom instilled in each of them. Today, the Blackhawk leadership way.

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