In Episode 34 I have the chance to nerd out with Angie Redmon about some of the strategies that an organization can employ to help improve their work culture, while embarking on a journey to become one of the Best Places to Work.

Angie works with companies who aspire to have an award-winning workplace distinction. You’ve heard of these, I’m sure—Best Workplaces, Top Workplaces, Best Banks, etc. She has 15 best workplaces awards under her belt, and now she guides companies through the process of pursuing their own.

Angie also provides 1:1 HR mentoring and runs an HR mastermind roundtable, using her 25+ years of experience in her field to train and prepare others to master the transformation of improving workplace culture.

In short, she’s an HR powerhouse. According to Angie, "People strategy is half art, half science".

Through her company, striveHR (, Angie works with businesses who want to attract and retain top-notch talent. She is focused on guiding companies through the process to achieve an award-winning workplace status, while providing strategy and execution services to business leaders who want to earn this distinction.

To learn more about embarking on the journey to become a Best Places to Work check out Angie's website at While there, be sure to download a copy of Angie's tremendous resource - 6 Mindsets of High Performing HR Leaders.


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