Have you found yourself at a career crossroads and not known what to do?

In Episode 35, Marla Holdread shares that the best thing to do when at a career crossroad, is to think like a designer. Her advice is to stay curious, to be willing to experiment, to reframe the problem, and to collaborate.

Marla Holdread is an executive coach, career strategist, and founder of Shift Leadership. Her passion is to help senior leaders and professionals shift into the next level of career success. 

Marla created her unique methodology and coaching program, The Career Revisionist, as a framework for clients to go from waking up exhausted, frustrated, and dreading work, to feeling confident, energized, and leaping out of bed each day.  

She whole heartedly believes that we deserve to feel alive and aligned with our work, and she is on a mission to reinvent career experiences for professionals around the globe.

You can connect with Marla through the following channels:

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