In Episode 36, guest Minid Epstein gives the Improvement Nerds audience permission to be their authentic selves. To embrace their imperfections and to go forward even when you don't have it all figured out.

By practicing Wabi Sabi, you learn to see the beauty in imperfection, no longer allowing perfection to get in your way of becoming who you were meant to be.

Through her work as a successful business owner, nonprofit leader and passionate archeologist, Mindi Epstein has inspired women around the globe to live life on their own terms. She is the creator of the Journey-to-Joy (J2J) framework, a tool she developed to help women honor their path and amplify their voice.

As the founder and former owner of Peace through Yoga, a full service yoga studio with multiple locations in the greater Indianapolis area, Mindi coaches entrepreneurs on how to identify, implement and operate the business of their dreams. 

She successfully built communities around each of her studio locations, which became the catalyst for starting Top Floor Women, a networking group to inspire personal achievement through connection. Top Floor Women’s success in bringing women together in the spirit of camaraderie and collaboration ultimately was the driving force for the launch of Wabi Sabi. Mindi identifies Wabi Sabi as the culmination of her life experiences and teachings.

Previously, Mindi has enjoyed a career as a Sr. Vice President of Communications at a large not-for-profit, a top saleswoman in advertising, a freelance writer and graphic designer and most notably, a published archaeologist working overseas in multiple locations. She holds a Bachelor’s degree with Honors from the University of Michigan and post-graduate studies from the University of Chicago and Tel Aviv University.

At her core, Mindi is deeply committed to inspiring women to celebrate their uniqueness and give themselves permission to live the life of their dreams. As a lover of travel, animals, Nature and yoga, Mindi will tell you unequivocally that she loves her life.


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