In Episode 37, I nerd out with Craig Willis of Skore ( about the importance of process mapping. Per Craig, organization's need to make mapping processes as simple as having a conversation. In fact, that is Craig's personal mission, to help organizations map at the speed of conversation.


Craig's goal is to make process mapping and analysis easy and accessible so that anyone can do it. Providing insights and process maps to your process improvement team so they can focus on fixing the gnarly problems. Creating a common language and simple taxonomy for the organization that doesn't require extensive training.


Craig Willis is the CEO of Skore, a cloud based process mapping, analysis and management software that's designed to be used by anyone. Skore's vision is to make these advanced tools accessible so anyone, anywhere, can grow their business without fear or pain. I've been working in technology led change and transformation for over 20 years and the biggest challenge has been getting people to engage with change and come along on the journey. This is about deciphering the complexity that surrounds us and creating a common language for everyone in the business.


To connect with Craig and his team check out Skore's company website at


Other channels to connect with Craig include:

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