In Episode 38, AJ Hobbs and I discuss the multiple ways an belt can add value to an organization. During our conversation we discuss the advantages of becoming a generalist when it comes to improvement. We can appreciate that there are two sides to this coin, generalizing vs. specializing. We do tip our hats to the specialists, but we don't necessarily nerd out about that. Instead we dive deep on becoming an Improvement Nerd Generalist, while discussing what it is like to go to grad school during a crisis.

We also take a walk down memory lane, as we reflect on attending the Health Systems Process Improvement (HSPI) Conference we attended in February 2020. Be sure to check out HSPI's many professional development services, and consider attending the HSPI 2021 Conference occurring this February (

AJ Hobbs is an industrial engineer (B.S. Clemson University, M.S. Purdue University) and current MBA student at Goizueta Business School. AJ has worked in operational improvement consulting with healthcare and airline clients. She enjoys college football, Vinyasa yoga, true crime podcasts, and a good dinner party. AJ lives in Atlanta, GA with her goldendoodle puppy, John Prine, and will remain in Atlanta after graduation to join Bain & Company as a strategy consultant.


To connect with AJ Hobbs, please reach out to her by LinkedIn at



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